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(Combo Pack) Dodecin - 1 x 30 Capsule Bottle + Triargin - 1 x 30 Capsule Bottle

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Synergy in results by using this combination!

Triargin: Promotes small vessel Blood Flow resulting in bringing nutrients to the cells and takes toxins away.

  • Decreased Restless, Tired or Achy Legs (RLS)
    • Our #1 product used by pharmacist due to standing on concrete floors all day!
  • Higher Energy Levels for both men and women
  • Promoting Mental Clarity & Alertness
  • Decrease Swelling and Edema

Dodecin: Pain and Inflammation Relief

When you're in pain, there's only one thing you care about - RELIEF. Thousands of people have experienced the life-changing benefits of Dodecin™.

Dodecin™ is a nutraceutical supplement developed by a physician who, like you, is a chronic pain sufferer.

Dodecin™ is made of 12 key ingredients - each chosen for its specific ability to address the complex causes of pain. 

Start on your path to a pain controlled lifestyle today!

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Total: $ 29.98

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